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The Hiring Efficiency
Increase HR Efficiency 75%
Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Increase (DEI) 45%
Return On Investment
ROI 35%

Our Mission

At intervu.ai, we strongly believe that if we build bridges between the right talent and the right position, the world will become a better place for everyone. That’s why we’ve powered our interviewing software with not only AI but also moral values to deliver equal opportunities for all candidates with the goal of nurturing diversity at workplaces and elevating the hiring standards altogether.

Who Are We?

intervu.ai was born out of the growing need to challenge the limitations set by outdated interviewing frameworks. The candidates’ selection approach is often dictated by a one-size-fits-all company culture that shies away from the diverse social fabric and may overlook jobseekers from “other” races, social classes, and religious backgrounds. However, we believe it’s time to bid farewell to traditional recruitment methods and break the biased interviewing cycle that hinders your growth.


Our team of visionary experts, with tens of years of experience in HR technology, went beyond just questioning screening patterns that yield nothing but just filling positions, to creating an AI-driven video interviewing solution that enhances the quality of hire while minimizing cost and time-to-fill.


Why Choose intervu.ai

intervu.ai is the AI-based video interviewing software that you need! We empower you with a new approach that will tumble down the walls that set back the interviewing process and inevitably allow you to leverage talent overlooked by others.

Now enough about us, let’s talk about you because you’re our inspiration.

Your company deserves to be ignited with talents that will season your dream team with diversity and bring its A-game to produce everlasting achievements. At the end of the day, employees are the bread and butter of any leading company; and truth be told, only those with a well-sewn team will reap a solid structure that can withstand any storm.

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