About intervu.ai

intervu.ai is an AI-driven video interviewing solution that builds bridges between the right talent and the right position.

Who Is Intervu.ai?

Our team of HR technology experts, with decades of experience, didn’t settle for merely filled positions and shorten time-to-fill metrics.

We developed an AI-driven video interviewing solution that improves the quality of hire while reducing recruitment costs and speeding up the hiring process in the most fair way allowing you to make the best hiring decisions for your organization.

With Intervu.ai’s AI-powered video interview platform, you can reduce the time-to-hire, improve the quality of hires, and ultimately achieve a more efficient and effective hiring process. Our solution is designed to benefit both organizations and applicant, promoting fairness, transparency, and inclusivity.

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Let's Work Together!

At Intervu.ai, we are dedicated to helping companies find the best candidates faster. Collaborate with us to simplify your hiring process and increase your productivity.