Press Release: and Profiles Advantage Join Forces to Revolutionize HR Recruitment with AI-Powered Video Interviewing Solution, a pioneering company specializing in AI-driven solutions for HR professionals, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Profiles Advantage, a leader in Human Resources Services headquartered in Lima, Peru, founded in 2002. 

Profiles Advantage is renowned for providing cutting-edge solutions, systems, and platforms that facilitate effective people management throughout the employee lifecycle. The company excels in helping organizations select the right individuals, place them in suitable positions, and nurture their development to achieve optimal performance aligned with organizational goals. is at the forefront of revolutionizing the recruitment process through its innovative AI-powered video interviewing solution. This collaboration aims to empower HR professionals with advanced tools for conducting, evaluating, and ranking video interviews, streamlining the talent acquisition process and enhancing the overall quality of hires.

Nidal Jurdy, COO of, emphasizes the company’s commitment to reshaping traditional recruitment methods: “ was born out of the growing need to challenge the limitations set by outdated interviewing frameworks. Our goal is to break the biased interviewing cycle, fostering diversity in the workplace and raising hiring standards overall.”

Profiles Advantage CEO, Roberto Yep, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We believe in the power of technology to drive positive change in HR processes.‘s AI-driven video interviewing solution aligns perfectly with our mission to improve the productivity and performance of people, teams, and organizations throughout the employee lifecycle.”

The integration of’s AI-driven assessment technology with Profiles Advantage’s comprehensive HR solutions promises to revolutionize talent acquisition, providing organizations with a competitive edge in identifying and selecting the right talent. 

“We want to help you hire better,” adds Jurdy. “Our team of visionary experts, with decades of experience in HR technology, has crafted a solution that enhances the quality of hire while minimizing cost and time-to-hire.” 

This collaboration marks a significant step towards a more inclusive and efficient recruitment process. and Profiles Advantage invite HR professionals to embrace the future of talent acquisition, where technology and expertise converge to build exceptional teams. 

About is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for HR professionals, dedicated to transforming the recruitment process through innovative video interviewing technology. The company is committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. 

About Profiles Advantage

Profiles Advantage, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Santiago de Surco, Lima, is a trusted name in Human Resources Services. The company specializes in providing solutions, systems, and platforms for effective people management, assisting organizations in selecting, placing, and developing talent throughout the employee lifecycle. 


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